The changing nature of society has brought a growing demand for knowledge and information at work, in education and in leisure. Librarians, archivists, knowledge managers and many other information professionals are meeting that demand by providing effective access to information resources and services. CUST’s Bachelor of Information Studies reflects the critical importance of information and knowledge management across a wide range of fields and institutions. The course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the creation, evaluation, collection, organization, utilization and dissemination of information in a contemporary context.

Objectives of the Library and Information Science  Programmes

The goals of the Information Studies Programmes are to provide students with:

  • Knowledge of the principles and techniques required of an information professional oriented to one or all types of library or information centre, system or service, including library, archival, and records management, and other related disciplines.
  • An awareness and understanding of the total context in which information
    professionals operate (especially in New Zealand).
  • The knowledge and attitudes necessary to work as information
    professionals in a bicultural partnership environment.
  • An understanding of the theories, principles and methodologies that form
    the foundation of information studies internationally.
  • Proficiency in the skills of management, leadership, advocacy, problem-solving,
    and decision-making relevant to information professionals working
    in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Professional attitudes regarding scholarship, ethics, intellectual freedom,
    and access to information in a democratic society.
  • An enriched learning environment that draws upon the people and
    resources of the nation's capital city to enhance the curriculum.
  • A sound foundation for continuing professional development in information