In today’s information society, we face a growing demand for knowledge and information at work, in education and at leisure. Librarians, archivists, knowledge managers and many other information professionals are meeting that demand by providing effective access to information resources and services.

Qualified librarians and information professionals play a vital role in facilitating the creation, management and preservation of information, and in the development of information literacy. Our graduates provide the necessary link between information resources, whether physical or digital, and the users of that information.

Our wide-ranging programmes in librarianship and information management at certificate, diploma, bachelor’s and master’s level, as well as short courses on specialized topics for professional development, are offered for local or long-distance study. These courses provide you with maximum flexibility in your lifelong learning.

Programme Structure

The Diploma in Library and Information Studies Programme extends over four semesters for fulltime,  part-time or distance learning study leading to the award of the Diploma in Library and Information Studies. Evaluation of students’ performance in the Diploma in Library and Information Studies shall be based on continuous assessment and a formal examination at the end of each semester.