You might be thinking about working as a classroom assistant, or you might be interested in keeping up to date in order to support your own child in school. The CUST offers education courses to suit a wide range of students. At undergraduate level, you will find that your study of education will be closely linked to studying courses about young children’s development, especially in the early years, before they begin formal schooling.

There are four modules: two university-based modules prepare students for their ensuing Professional Practice placements in schools, in Upper Primary and Nursery/Early Years respectively.  All four modules (2 university-based and 2 school-based) are compulsory.  Students may opt in to an Elective and also participate in a range of Enhanced Learning opportunities, whereby their understanding of educational practice may be furthered, whilst undertaking the university-based modules.

Curricular Studies - The programme covers all aspects of Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).  The programme develops students’ understanding of how young learners learn and explores strategies for effective teaching and learning.

Professional Studies - The programme will support and develop students’ awareness and understanding of: inter-agency working, working with parents, meeting the needs of all learners, assessment, classroom management and strategies for promoting a positive ethos for learning, including strategies to support positive behaviour management.

Educational Studies -  Students are introduced to the History of Scottish Education, Comparative Education (education systems in other countries) and Learning Theory.
Professional Practice (Placement) - 18 weeks working with 3-12 year olds in two/three settings.