Diploma in Clinical Medicine
Regulations for the Clinical Officer Programme

Entry Requirements
To qualify for admission into the college a candidate must:

  • Satisfy the general entrance requirements
  • Satisfy the particular entrance requirements prescribed by the college from time to time
  • Be selected for COG programme

General entrance requirements
Five “O” Level passes for five acceptable credits at Cambridge School Certificate or acceptable subject passed at an approved standard in another examination deemed by the College to be the equivalent thereof. These subjects are English, Mathematics, Biology/Human and Social biology, Chemistry and Physics/Science/Physical science, are compulsory, and any other subject not listed herein.

Candidates with prior training in heath related field may be eligible for admission. The level of entry will be determined by the proof from the previous training institution through submission of transcript.

The College shall not be obliged to take all candidates who meet the above qualifications because places are limited. Therefore the college will select the students on merit.

Year 1

Semester 1

  • Human Anatomy (1)                                                                               AN111
    Physiology (1)                                                                                        PGY111
    Nursing                                                                                                 NUR111
    Medical Biochemistry (1)                                                                          BC111
    Method Ethics and Communication Skills                                                     MEM111
    Medical Psychology and Sociology                                                             MPS111
    First Aid                                                                                                SGY111

 Semester ii

  • Human Anatomy (2)                                                                               AN122
    Physiology (2)                                                                                        PGY122
    Medicine  (1) Clinical Methods                                                                   MED 112
    Medicine  (2) Communicable Disease                                                          MED122
    Immunopathology                                                                                  PTH112
    Pharmacology (1)                                                                                   PHM112
    Medical Biochemistry  (2)                                                                         BC 122
    Microbiology and Parasitology                                                                   LAB112

 Year 2

 Semester i

  • Paediatrics and Child Health (1)                                                                PED211
    Surgery (1)                                                                                           SGY211
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1)                                                               OBS211
    Medicine (3)                                                                                         MED231
    Pharmacology (2)                                                                                  PHM221
    Mental Health and Psychiatry                                                                   MHP211
    Haematology                                                                                         LAB211

 Semester ii

    •  Paediatrics and Child Health (2)                                                                PED222
    • Surgery (2) (Specialties-ENT, Dental and ophthalmology)                             SGY232
    • Obstetrics and Gynaecology (2)                                                               OBS222
    • Medicine (4)                                                                                         MED242
    • Community Health, Primary Health care and Health PromotionCOH212
    • Management and Communication Skills                                                      MEM222
    • Mental Health and Psychiatry                                                                   MPH222
    Year 3
    • Hospital Rotations
    • Surgery Clerkships                                                                              SGY320 6 Weeks
    • Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clerkship                                                   OBS320  6 Weeks
    • Padiatics and Child Health Clerkship                                                       PED320  4 Weeks
    • Medicine Clerkship                                                                             MED320 6 Weeks
    • Mental Health and Psychiatry Clerkship                                                  MHP320 2 Weeks
    • Community Health Attachment                                                           MEM320 2 Weeks
    • Medical Lab                                                                                      LAB320  1 Week
    • Ophthalmology                                                                                 SGY320  1 Week

Total no. 26 Weeks

  • Revision Study breaks Theory  
    Graduate  Skills Lab                                                                                       1 Week                
    Exam &                                                                                                       2 Weeks + 1 Weeks OSCE
    Lab                                                                                                            2 Weeks