Programme Overview
The program consists of core and elective modules which you study to earn credits towards your final degree. You will study for 120 credits per level.

At Level 1 all of the modules are. Your study is focused on learning the foundations of effective business management. The core modules will provide you with a strong base of knowledge in essential topics. The Business Research Methods core module enables you to develop quantitative techniques necessary for successful business management. The Business Economics core module will equip you with fundamental knowledge of the subject and examines the ways in which economic theory may be applied to solve real business problems.
Level 2 and Level 3 offer you a wide selection of elective modules based on a variety of topics that include business, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, project management and information systems, which allow you to specialise in your area of interest in combination with core modules that are central to management.

At Level 3 you are required to choose one of five core module groups in areas such as entrepreneurship, human resources and finance. We also provide the opportunity for you to undertake a final-year project consisting of a detailed study in your particular field of interest.

Program Structure and Modules.

Year 1
Core modules:
110   Business Economics
120   Business Environment
130   Business Research Methods
140   Financial Accounting
141   Management Skills
150   Organisational Behaviour 1
152  Service Operations Management 1

Year 2
Core modules:
210  Business Finance
220  Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
230  Human Resource Management
231  Law for Managers
240  Management Accounting
250  Management Information Systems
260  Marketing

Year 3
312  Organisational  Behaviour 2:
322  Managing Organisations
332  Service Operations Management 2
342  460   Information Management,

Year 4
410   Business Strategy
450   Final-year Project
420   Entrepreneurship
430   Finance
440   Human Resources
470   Marketing