What will you study?
This course provides an advanced financial education which covers both microeconomic and macroeconomic theory and policy. You will learn quantitative research and computing methods essential for economics and finance. As part of your studies you will also cover:

  1.     Modern financial institutions and markets
  2.     Modern banking systems and monetary theory and policy
  3.     Finance theory and risk management in banking

What will you gain?
You will graduate with the confidence to present and discuss economic argument using verbal, graphical, mathematical and statistical language. Prepared with the skills to research and disseminate economic and financial data: to support arguments and draw conclusions. You will also become confident in analysing and interpreting economic and financial information and be able to demonstrate a critical evaluation of economic issues relevant to banking and finance. 

Year 1

  1.     Financial Accounting  - Compulsory
  2.     Financial Data Analysis  - Compulsory
  3.     Financial Markets and Institutions  - Compulsory
  4.     Principles of Economics  - Compulsory

Year 2

  1.     Banking Theory and Practice  - Compulsory
  2.     Behavioural Finance  - Optional
  3.     Business Communication Spanish  - Optional
  4.     Business Communications in Mandarin  - Optional
  5.     Economic Analysis and Policy  - Compulsory
  6.     Financial Mathematics  - Compulsory
  7.     Intermediate Microeconomics  - Optional
  8.     Issues in Financial Accounting  - Optional

    Year 3

  1.     Audit and Assurance  - Optional
  2.     Authentic Leadership Development  - Optional
  3.     Consulting in Organisations  - Optional
  4.     Corporate Governance  - Optional
  5.     Econometrics  - Optional
  6.     Finance  - Compulsory
  7.     Financial Risk Management in Banking  - Compulsory
  8.     Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation  - Optional
  9.     Global Business Spanish  - Optional
  10.     International Finance  - Optional
  11.     Mandarin in Global Business  - Optional
  12.     Monetary Policy  - Compulsory
  13.     Work Internship  - Optional

Year 4

  1.    Project Research