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Bachelor of Education (Secondary) – industry entry builds on knowledge and skills that students have previously acquired in their discipline area of studies. The course encourages students to develop discipline knowledge further and apply this knowledge to the context of secondary teaching.

Students will develop an understanding of educational and curriculum issues in the area of studies and learn to effectively plan and implement for the teaching / learning process. Students will develop and employ effective behaviour management strategies allowing them to communicate and interact professionally with students, staff members, and the communities served by their school.

Graduates of this course are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to teach Year 7 to Year 12 . They are able to use and develop professional knowledge and values, monitor and assess student progress and learning activities, and utilise appropriate teaching / learning technologies pertinent to their field.

Year 1

  1. Education: Purposes, Principles, Practice
  2.  Education: Learning and Teaching

Year 2

  1. Pedagogy I: The Nature of Learning and Teaching
  2. School Experience (placement)
  3. Pedagogy II: Differentiation, Assessment and Progression

Year 3

  1. Pedagogy Across the Curriculum
  2. School Experience (placement)
  3. Differences and Identities
  4. Second Teaching Subject Qualification (only applicable to certain students)

Year 4
Final Teaching Practice/Evaluation

Students who wish to undertake their dissertation in Education will also take:

  •  Developing a Research Proposal - Year 3
  • Education Dissertation - Year 4

Teaching and assessment
The course is taught through seminars, lectures and workshops. Assessment is both formative and continuous. School experience placements are supported by school-based teachers and through tutor engagement. There are no examinations in Education.