CUST Management would like to inform all the returning and new students and their sponsors of the five percent (5%) discount of the 2018, semester 1 tuition fee for paying early in the first to the second week of December, 2017 i.e. – 14th December, 2017. Students, Parents and sponsors are advised to take advantage of this incentive and pay their tuition fees early.   

Also take note that the School of health Sciences has now got its own accounts for Tuition and User fees, and the same applies to the Schools of Social Sciences and Engineering.

1.0     The bank accounts for the School of Health Sciences which trains Nurses and Clinicians are as follows:


(a)  CUST Precem Tuition Fees to be deposited in Account No.: 1466444500338 at a Zanaco branch; and


(b)CUST Precem User Fees to be deposited in Account No.: 1466444500439 at a Zanaco branch.


2.0     The bank  accounts for the Schools of Social Sciences and Engineering are as



(a)  CUST Social Sciences and Engineering Tuition fees i.e those doing education, business, computer science, GIS, and engineering, must all deposit tuition fees in Account No.: 1466444500540; and


(b)CUST Social Sciences and Engineering User Fees, i.e. those doing Education, Business, Computer Science, GIS, and Engineering, must all deposit User Fees in Account No.: 1466444500237


In case you have queries or further clarifications contact the following:


(1)Accountant (School of Social Sciences and Engineering)     -        0978-122328

(2)Accountant (School of Health Sciences)   -         0977-886920

(3)Board Secretary -        0977-457915


We look forward to seeing you in semester 1 of 2018.