Hello and a very warm welcome to our website.

Let me introduce myself. I am Dr Lennox Msanide and I have been associated with the University since its foundation in 2008. I have spent many years in higher education in the UK and I consider it to be a huge privilege to have been asked to return to my home country to take up the appointment of Vice Chancellor and later the role changed to my comfort zone as Executive Director Academic and International Relations. This is a key part of CUST’s academic strategic plan and is an area where I have had significant expertise.  I promise you that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you have a rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable time at CUST

We are well known for the warmth of our welcome so, whatever your interest in the University, please visit us at one of our two campuses in Lusaka. We are an internationally oriented, private university with a commitment to excellence in education and learning, offering an outstanding both campus-based and distance  learning student experience.

Our commitment to academic excellence informs all that we do. We have a broad spread of subjects with particular peaks of excellence in the Sciences and Technology. We take pride in being nationally recognised and we are working towards making  links to universities and professional bodies around the world.

We are particularly proud of our track record of business engagement in Lusaka and beyond. Our commitment has been consolidated by our desire to develop a “Knowledge Gateway” to allow small businesses and blue chip companies to benefit from close links with our University, its staff and students. I will be taking a direct and personal interest in this exciting development.

We take our commitment to teaching very seriously and our staff are expected to be great teachers and communicators; from time to time you will see guest lecturers visiting the university all of whom are subject and industry experts from diverse institutions around the world. Our curriculum is regularly updated by the latest research and our students undertake some research themselves. Because our University is on a human scale, there is also a very strong sense of community and we are intent on ensuring that this human element is not lost.

CUST has a great reputation for our campus-based and distance learning experience, providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities, student clubs and societies, and an extensive programme of student volunteering. We are especially proud of our close working relationship with our Students’ Union and this year we will provide some  funding for our Students' Union's work. We shall also strive to make our University a home to arts and sports in order to facilitate  CUST experience especially for our staff and students. We will be seeking to further develop these facilities over the coming months and years.

We welcome your interest in our University and hope you can find the information you are looking for on this website or on our Twitter and Facebook pages. If you are in CUST already, you have an open invitation to visit us and to meet staff and students. At both of our campuses you will be warmly received.

I look forward to meeting with you soon.
Dr Lennox M Msanide
Executive Director Academic and International Relations (EDAI)