Mission Statement
The concept of CUST was born out of a desire to educate the future of our country and fill up human resource gaps, especially in the fields of health, science and technology and in education. 

Our mission is to provide high quality education, business mindedness; career training and equal opportunity to students from all walks of life to enable them achieve identity, personal development, diversity of thought, wealth creation and make a meaningful contribution to society.

CUST Core Values
Our core values express what the College stands for and how we will conduct ourselves as an organisation.

The college’s seven core values have been developed with our staff and students and are:

  1. We place Learning and supporting students at the hearts of everything we do.
  2. We create opportunities to achieve.
  3. We applaud Creativity, innovation and Responsiveness.
  4. We celebrate differences and respect individuals.
  5. We believe we will achieve High Standards.
  6. We take collective Responsibility for achieving our success.
  7. We are a place where people enjoy achieving together.

Our core values underpin our strategies, policies, objectives and procedures by providing an anchor and a reference point for everything that we do. They have informed the development of this strategic plan, in particular by reinforcing the primary of the student experience to our future direction. In working to achieve its strategic aims, the core values will guide the university college decision making

CUST’s vision is to become a leading provider of the best, high quality education in areas of business management, education and in science and technology for relevant markets.

Corporate Goals
The University aims at attaining a culture of excellence through integration with various stakeholders who include the students, society at large, professionals and the government. These corporate goals include:-

  • Reputable and academic excellence;
  • Producing business minded professionals;
  • Producing committed and dedicated health and education professionals
  • Personal development and retention of staff;
  • Regards for freedom from discrimination;
  • Lifelong learning;
  • Students affairs as a prerequisite to community integration;
  • Society is paramount to success.