A number of central service directorates provide administrative support to the University. There are also a range of services geared specifically towards students.

Academic Quality
The Directorate of Academic Quality  (DAQ) is a central support directorate of the University and works in partnership with the faculties and other central directorates to deliver a range of services and processes which support, assure and enhance the student experience.

The Directorate consists of a number of teams (Hubs) which provide advice and guidance to members of academic staff, professional service employees and students in relation to a number of University processes which support the academic standards and quality of the University’s awards.

DAQ offices are located on the Precem Motel Campus ((Kabangwe Area) about 5 Kilometers from the Town centre on the Great North Road.

For advice and guidance on any of the University processes please contact the Head Office at NAPSA Building on the Cairo Road
Business Planning Directorate

Directorate of Planning
The purpose of the  Planning Directorate is to support the Vice-Chancellor & the Senior Management Team in making strategic decisions to fulfill the University Strategic Plan.

Business Planning comprises a small team of specialists headed by the Director and reporting directly to the Vice-Chancellor. The team works closely with the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor, Director of Admin and HRM, and  the Chairs helping them to deliver their overall Business Plans, along with Directors and other senior staff and external agencies in matters of strategic interest.

 Planning functions include:
• to co-ordinate the strategic planning process whereby Faculties and Directorate's objectives are agreed and incorporated into the overall Strategic Plan;                
• to make recommendations about the overall development of the separate business plans in line with University strategies;
• to undertake analysis and special projects with a strategic focus;
• to co-ordinate and undertake the key statutory returns;
• to co-ordinate and develop with senior colleagues the key performance metrics required to measure success in meeting our strategic objectives.

The  Directorate  of Planning is committed to supporting the strategic change objectives in any and every way we can. We have been fortunate enough to be able to assemble a team of planning analysts who have the kind of experience and expertise that will be required to meet our own aims and objectives and I know that they share the VCs’ and that of the board.

We are now working closely with the Senior Management Committee (SMC), members of Council and our own internal audit service to target our main projects and initiatives towards the highest priority areas in terms of risk and opportunity. We are, however, happy to provide advice, facilitating, information or any other support that other areas may require in meeting the objectives that they have.

The Finance Directorate is a strategic department which supports the University by adding value through its strategic functions of collecting fees and charges, payment of suppliers, ensuring best value procurement and consolidating all managements accounts.
• Code of ethics
Directorate of Administration and HRM 
The strategic aim of the Administration and HRM  is to create and maintain a physical environment that meets the University’s business needs, provides a great student experience with access to a rich learning environment, sustained by commercial exploitation where possible.

The Administration and HRM  Directorate provides the following services:

Building infrastructure capital building works and client project management
• minor building works and services management
• building maintenance and mechanical and electrical services maintenance.

Facility services
• cleaning
• security
• portering.

Sustainability and environmental services
• waste and water management
• space management.

Strategy and policy
• carbon reduction policy
• estates strategic plan
• waste management plan.

HRM Department
The strategic aim of the CUST’s   People Strategy is “having the right people at the right time, competent and motivated to deliver the goals of the organisation”.

CUST is committed to the personal and professional development of its employees. Setting the highest possible standards in equality and diversity, we aim to establish the University as a preferred employer able to recruit, select and retain talented people from all sections of the community.

The Human Resources Team is responsible for the development of effective human resources policy and procedures in line with the University Strategic Plan and People Strategy. Its functions include resource and succession planning, recruitment and selection, contracts of employment, employee relations (Trade Union negotiation and consultation, grievance, sickness, discipline, poor performance), pay and conditions of service, equal opportunities, performance management and the provision of management information. The Directorate also provides advice on all human resources issues.

IT Department
The IT Department provides the entire IT infrastructure in the University along with service and support for all University desktops and laptops.

The University has a wide range of IT services available for Students and staff. The IT Department provides access to support services, open access PC clusters, email and internet access, wireless access across all campuses including cafes, common Microsoft applications such as Office/Excel, printing facilities, network document storage (available from on and off-site), and the University’s virtual learning environment (Blackboard).

For FULL details of the services we provide you as a student or employee please contact the IT department

Marketing and Research
The Strategic Marketing & Communications Department’s primary focus is to generate awareness and visibility of the University, creating public and media interest and thereby helping to raise the profile and reputation of the University on a national, regional and local basis. This is a different emphasis from (although clearly influential on) student recruitment marketing activity for courses, which is managed by the Student Recruitment teams within the Student Experience department and the school of  Marketing and Recruitment teams.

The experienced Corporate Communications team manages all media relations activity on behalf of the University, and all media enquiries should be directed to them. Corporate advertising and sponsorship are commissioned and managed by the Department, and corporate events such as the opening of buildings are organised in conjunction with the VC’s Office.

The Department produces key University publications such as  magazine and the annual undergraduate prospectus, and also acts as an advisory service for locally-produced print and digital publications; all publications should be sent to the Department for approval before publication, and all written publications must conform to the University’s brand and house style guidelines.

The department is responsible for shaping, producing and advising on internal communications, which are vital in communicating the vision, mission and values of the University to employees and for facilitating feedback mechanisms.

Summary of main responsibilities
• Developing the University’s corporate identity and ensuring that it is used appropriately both internally and externally;
• Developing best practice in communications, for instance through the development of a house style;
• Acting as the press office for City University of Science and Technology, dealing with all media enquiries;
• Publishing the University magazine,
• Developing and cultivating proactive relationships with external bodies and individuals to raise the profile of the University and enhance our reputation and standing in the wider community;
• Organising corporate events such as the opening of buildings and press launches;
• Managing corporate advertising and partnerships;
• Facilitating employee communications.